How It Works

Ready to start earning free makeup and cosmetics from the catalog but not quite sure where to start? We put this page together just for you, a step-by-step illustration of how to earn your first PrettyPoints to use toward your first free makeup order!

step 1 figure 1

Log into your PrettyPriceless account and click on “Get PrettyPoints” on the menu on the left side of the page. You will then see the Feauted PrettyPoints Offers section, where we have hand-selected a number of the best current sponsor offers that will get you a lot of PrettyPoints. Let’s use the example above to show you how the offers work. The example is a short 4-page survey, free to complete, that will earn you 23 PrettyPoints. After you decide you’re interested in completing the offer, just click on the small banner image or on the “23 PrettyPoints” button to the right of the offer description.

figure 2 step 2

After you click on the offer, a new window will open for that particular sponsor’s offer. In this case, you will simply fill out the 4-page survey using true information. Once you have completed the survey, your PrettyPoints will be awarded to you and will be immediately available to use toward your first makeup order! In this case, you’ll receive 23 PrettyPoints.

There are hundreds of ways for you to earn PrettyPoints, and there is no limit to how many you can earn. In addition to the huge number of advertiser offers available for you to complete, you can also earn PrettyPoints by Liking us on Facebook (see the link at the bottom of the Get Pretty Points page), Followign us on Twitter and referring friends and family!

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Yes, spreading the word about PrettyPricesless isn’t just good karma, but it will also pad your PrettyPoint total. Just send the special referral link listed on your Account page to friends, family, message boards, blogs, anywhere you think people will be that want free makeup! You’ll get one PrettyPoint for each referral you send to PrettyPriceless who creates a free account.

As you earn PrettyPoints, you’ll be able to see your total points available, total earned over the life of your account, and total used in your orders of free makeup and cosmetics. This will all be visible in the middle of your Account page. You’ll also be able to access your order history and your current Wish List (your list of makeup products that you have saved for future order) along with a history of advertiser offers you’ve completed along the way.

step 3 figure 4


step 4 figure 5

We know you’re here for free makeup and cosmetics products, and we have more than 25,000 for you to choose from, from the full catalog! Go to the Shop/Browse page to find just what you want! Simply browse the many categories, and when you see something you like, click “Add To Wish List” to save it. Then, when you have enought PrettyPoints, just pull up your Wish List and get ready to order your first free product!

From within your Wish List, you will see a checkbox next to each product. If you are ready to order, simply check the box next to the product and click “order now.” This will place your order and deduct the required number of PrettyPoints from your account. Your order will ship to you free of charge - we even pay shipping! You can remove products from your Wish List by just selecting them and clicking “remove.” Your orders will ship direct to your doorstep (the address you listed when creating your account). There is no limit to how many products you can order or how many PrettyPoints you can earn.

If you have any questions, please email us at